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Bioguides was established to provide strategic direction to emerging life sciences technologies, biotools and services offerings. Our mission is to accelerate technology adoption in the Life Sciences industry by promoting emerging technologies, whether within established companies or in entrepreneurial start ups, by de-risking new and differentiated products & services, determining the strategic goals, defining your company’s mission beyond the product, finding customers and charting the path to success.
Experience counts. Advancing new ideas into a conservative, highly regulated environment takes specific industry connections and know how. Bioguides can set you on the path to testing your new product and service ideas, using this information to develop and influence Key Opinion Leaders, refine your offering, identify the correct business positioning and develop a winning business strategy.

Some of the technologies we have worked on include emerging Life Science technologies and service businesses such as new analytical methods, new instrument platforms, new service offerings and new manufacturing platforms both within existing companies or in entrepreneurial start-ups. By providing early customer engagement and an iterative approach to refining strategy, Bioguides can lead you to accelerated adoption within the industry and business success.

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