Emerging Companies

Emerging technology start ups have a difficult path to navigate. Technology
innovation requires cash and resources to invest in tangible prototypes prior to
revenue generation.

Larger companies seeking to acquire new technologies often require particular
sales minimums and advanced Intellectual property positions. These activities also
require cash to develop and many have no appetite for non-revenue generating
activities or extended develop times. Venture funding for technology start ups is
growing but still minimal.

These factors combine to create a gap that serves to stifle innovation in the life
sciences industry and leaves many entrepreneurs unable to achieve full
commercialization of their product; many promising technologies never get
The BioGuides Solution:
Bioguides has created a tested strategy that moves your product through a derisking
process and addresses product development gaps
through early and
substantial customer exposure and by identifying business opportunities to
facilitate product development and industry adoption.
Services provided:
• Product launch & commercialization
• Build a virtual product development team
• Voice of customer programs

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