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BioSMB: first in class single use continuous chromatography platform
Tarpon Biosystems, Inc, was formed to realize the potential of single use, continuous
chromatography for biomanufacturing. As the sole business lead from the founding to the asset sale to Pall Corporation in 2015, all aspects of business strategy, fundraising, investor relations, planning, customer interaction including projects with large pharmaceutical companies like Merck & Co, Bayer, GSK and Medimmune and liaison to the investment banking firm through the process to eventual sale.
Ground Breaking Single Use Column Technology
The company BioFlash LLC was formed to start up technology exclusively licensed from an existing company to supply disposable chromatography columns to the Bioprocess market. Working with the president and CEO to establish the value of the technology and approach potential acquisition targets, Bioguides helped with an eventual licensing deal with Life Technologies, now Thermo Fischer and the eventual sale of the technology to Repligen.
Unique and Novel Assay Format
Bioguides helped with the early business development for a new assay platform established by its Founder and CEO. The technology, AssayMAP Sample Preparation cartridges, incorporated very small packed resin beds supported by membranes molded into the cartridge enabling bidirectional flow and true high throughput chromatography. The company went on to be sold to Agilent and remains marketed as the AssayMAP platform.
Innovative Pre-Clinical Imaging Technology
Bioguides worked with an early stage venture backed company to solidify the sales and
marketing strategy (prior to the company hiring a full time VP of sales.) This included strategic
positioning and tactical implementation such as positioning the molecular probe product
portfolio to key opinion leaders, advertising in Nature and establishing a customer relationship management & tracking system. Years later, the company was acquired 
by Perkin Elmer.
Cost Effective, Novel Membrane Technology
Bioguides worked with the founders of a newly formed company and its initial CEO to generate a business plan including business strategy and a plan for continued technology development for a unique and cost-effective membrane technology. This involved interfacing with the university professor who developed the technology at McMaster University and writing a comprehensive plan explaining the technology’s advantages to prepare for initial fundraising, including participation in angel and early stage VC pitches. As stated in a press release in 2017, the technology sold to MilliporeSigma.
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