Technology and Biotools development
Experience counts…. Planning for success early in product & technology development process can lessen commercialization challenges and accelerate product adoption.
Our team has successful track records specific to life sciences tools and technology, delivering senior level experience in a flexible, affordable way. Our services include defining and verifying customers’ needs through market research, examining particular market niches and the adoption criteria within the customer group, establishing virtual product development teams to accelerate your technology development through the prototype and early development stages and connecting you to experts in the area where your solution is most relevant.

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experience mitigates exposure

Strategy and Growth
For technology adoption to flourish, one must find customers with curiosity and an open mind. As innovators, we must always consider how can we make it easy for our potential customers to adopt our technology, how to keep the focus on the problem we are solving to drive strategy and growth.
Introducing new technology into BioPharma research, development and manufacturing takes more than sales expertise, it takes market knowledge, an educational approach and strong relationships.

The BioGuides “customer centric” approach iteratively refines your strategy with real customers, resulting in accelerated growth and strong customer engagement.
At Bioguides, we focus on the obvious yet often overlooked fundamental question when designing a corporate vision, strategy and tactics of launching a technology or service offering. What problem is our technology solving and why is it important? 

Through a series of methodical and interactive meetings with you the entrepreneur, CEO or senior management teams responsible for technology innovation and adoption, Bioguides works to clarify and focus your resources to target the most accessible applications and improve the messaging needed to reach your potential customers.

knowledge, insights & relationships

Partnering and Exit
Seeking early stage seed funding or engagement to identify and open doors to strategic alternatives? Let BioGuides assist you in positioning your company for the next step to success.
Our team has successfully exited via strategic or asset sales products in biomanufacturing, process development, assay development, drug discovery and development and diagnostics markets. We often work along side financial and investor teams to establish company or technology value propositions and clearly communicate the value of your technology.

We also work with investment teams to evaluate new technologies for viability and to identify likely adoption challenges prior to investment.

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