Strategy and Growth 

For technology adoption to flourish, one must find customers with curiosity and an open mind. As innovators, we must always consider how can we make it easy for our potential customers to adopt our technology, how to keep the focus on the problem we are solving to drive            strategy and growth.

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Technology and Biotools development 

Experience counts…. Planning for success early in product & technology development process can lessen commercialization challenges and accelerate product adoption.

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Partnering and Exit 

Seeking early stage seed funding or engagement to identify and open doors to strategic alternatives?  Let BioGuides assist you in positioning your company for the next step to success.  

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News & Events

Our Customers

Our customers are C-level executives and senior management teams who know the value of strategic initiatives, especially when entering new markets or cultivating new technology. BioGuides approach is to partners with existing teams to offer guidance to  align the actions of today with the desired outcome.  

Emerging Companies

Established Companies


Client Success

Why BioGuide

Discover the BioGuides process of accelerating technology adoption 

Experience counts. Advancing new ideas into a conservative, highly regulated environment takes specific industry connections and know how. Bioguides can set you on the path to testing your new product and service ideas, using this information to develop and influence Key Opinion Leaders, refine your offering, identify the correct business positioning and develop a winning business strategy.  

Who's Your Customer?

"Customer-centric" Product Development 

Launching new product(s) or service offerings and ideas into the Pharma and BioPharmaceutical industry is known to be costly and time consuming. Through collaborative guidance, the BioGuides methodology assists in de-risking new offerings using our extensive network and knowledge of the industry.

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